Wear Your Wheels is a fun and creative challenge for individuals and teams, families, co-workers, friends and communities. Work together to craft a wearable cardboard creation. Create something in the style of your favourite wheeled-wonder or dream up your own novel contraption.

A time-trial race like no other, competitors will don their CardCar creations and run a fixed course. This is not an engineering competition, you carry the vehicle, rather than the other way around. Feel free to add wheels – a CardCar would probably look odd without them – but they don’t need to function. Your CardCar cannot touch the ground at any point along the race.

CardCars will score points for design, speed and capacity; the more passengers that race inside your creation, the bigger you score!

Prizes will be awarded in each of these categories as well as an overall winner to be crowned Coventry CardCar Champion of 2015.

There’s still time to get involved!

The race to become Coventry CardCar Champion 2015 will take place on Sunday 7th June in Millennium Place outside the Coventry Transport Museum.

We’re holding a FREE workshop with FREE build materials for any Johnny-come-latelys on the morning of the big event, hosted by the fabulous Ego Performance (just around the corner from Millennium Place.

1000-1200 – Design and Build Workshop

1200 – Registration opens in Millennium Place

1300 – First Race begins

1500 – Judging and prize-giving

Even if you don’t want to enter the competition, this is sure to be a great fun family-friendly spectator event for the city. Come down to meet the teams, see the CardCars and cheer on the races.

LR New Square Trans 300


Wear Your Wheels is brought to you by the lovely folk at Ludic Rooms, in partnership with Coventry University and Culture Coventry as part of the Coventry People’s Champions series of events.

You’ll need to design and build your CardCar in the run up to the big event on June 7th. If you need help with this, we’ll have hints and tips from all kinds of specialists over the coming weeks here on the website.

We’re also working with the amazing CROW Recycling and Scrapstore, who will be helping distribute FREE cardboard boxes and leading public workshops. If you need further responsibly-sourced craft gubbins for your build, they are offering HALF PRICE annual membership for registered Wear Your Wheels teams.

Three simple rules…

Reused cardboard must be the main build material

Your car must not touch the ground

Passengers must be enclosed on all four sides

Search for some inspiration on our CardCar Pinterest board…

Follow Ludic Rooms’s board CardCarts Inspiration on Pinterest.


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Wear Your Wheels is part of the Coventry People’s Champions series of events. For more information see